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Andrea Page

An Attitude of Gratitude

"An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities" - Yogi Tea wisdom

Gratitude can have such a profound effect in our lives; especially when applied consistently. I know when I implement daily gratitude, amazing experiences begin happening (see quote above!).
Yes hurdles, set backs and epic fails can and will happen in life. But we can still (and should) continue to forge ahead with gratitude about all the positive things that also exist. Even simple things like food, water and shelter which I dare say most of us take for granted.

I write about gratitude for a few reasons. I truly have so much to be grateful for; and this week especially, for new friends and mentors. Brandon Broadwater, Higher Laws and everyone attending Master Your Power Within have been nothing short of amazing. The lessons I've gained from instruction, conversations and just having an open heart and open mind will be carried forward FOREVER.

And all this incredible wisdom, knowledge and inspiration could not have happened without the kindness and valiance of the Costa Rican people. Allow me to explain. Last Saturday, my family and I were to fly out of San Jose, CR around midday. Now we live more than 3 hours south of the airport and leaving our house just after 7am was already cutting it close. We cruised down the highway, excited for this spontaneous adventure. It had been nearly 6 months since the kids and I were out of the "first world" and so I pondered this trek out of the jungle. About an hour and a half into the journey, we ran into car troubles. As in, the car died on the side of the highway! Within minutes of breakdown, a Costa Rican man was looking at our engine and proceeded to explain over the phone to our mechanic contact the likely issue. Realizing this was not a quick fix, he (valiantly) stated that he could not in good conscience leave us sitting on the side of the highway, in the heat, with two small children in the back seat. So instead he got out some rope and attached our car to his. A Mercedes Benz nonetheless!! He towed us to the next small town to a local restaurant. The restaurant owner called his buddy, who apparently was out surfing. Within 30 minutes, the surfer dude arrived and shuttled us to the airport at mach speed.
By another miracle, the airline check-in and airport security were wide open and we managed to catch our flight with time to spare. Our car has since been taken care of and will be waiting for us near the airport upon our return to Costa Rica on Sunday. 

My heart is brimming with gratitude for these people that were so generous and kind. True acts of service, with really nothing to gain. The universe was definitely conspiring in our favor that day and continues to deliver. 
In addition to implementing more gratitude, appreciation and admiration into my relationships (and all areas of my life), I have gained a wealth of tools, skills and knowledge that I can also apply to my businesses so that I can be of service to others in an even more impactful, insightful way.

For this week, we have introduced the concept of gratitude to our children, which was well received. You decide or yourself. This is too adorable not to share.